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I started Think Chromatic based on this founding goal: To provide an exceptional creative process that generates high quality CGI solutions for consumer products. Developing a fun, open and collaborative environment for our team has further reinforced this goal. During the initial 10 years of my career, these goals were not being fulfilled which made for an unenthusiastic experience for employees and customers. I received an opportunity to take a position at an existing CGI firm where I was able to improve the business and culture. Through my strategies and efforts, the firm more than doubled their revenue goals in one year. These were exciting results, but I ended up finding it difficult to get the support I needed to keep growing. I decided to start fresh and take a new approach by founding Think Chromatic.

Founded in 2014, Think Chromatic started as a 3D rendering business focused on the furniture industry. Within our first twelve months our company has more than doubled in size and service offerings. Currently we have a full team of in-house design experts, project managers and sales associates. We have started to immerse ourselves into new markets such as medical, beer, housing and transportation. our desire is to be a full service agency providing digital solutions through concept design, interior design, rendering, animation and virtual reality.

I chose "Think Chromatic" because that's how I expect our team to think. Vibrant, rich, picturesque works of art, the WOW factor; this mindset is meant to inspire exceptional results. We aim to push the limits of computer technology to provide visual solutions that are believable, original and precise.


We believe customer service comes first.
We are solution oriented.
We strive to enhance our skills on a daily basis.
We are passionate about every project.
We believe creativity flows best in an open and collaborative environment. We are here to satisfy.


Think Chromatic is founded on this goal: To provide an exceptional creative process that generates high quality CGI solutions for consumer products and explore possibilities through realistic experiences so your ideas are made possible.