Our process begins by working closely with our clients to get their ideas down on paper. Our concept artists work hard to get everyone on the same page in the initial stages in order to prevent potential miscommunication of ideas further down the line.


Once the concept is approved, our highly skilled team of digital artists begin doing what they do best; 3D. Referencing the concept and using any provided 3D assets, they create products and environments out of thin air.


After everything is modeled and the lighting in the scene is set in place, we send off a clay preview to show the client exactly what the structure of the scene looks like. At this point, it seems bare without any of the texturing applied.


Upon approval of the clay preview, we begin to introduce color and texture into the scene; paint on the walls, fabric on chairs, etc... This creates the color preview.


With the go-ahead on the color preview, we send off the image for final rendering. 


Once the image has rendered, we make the minor adjustments that take the scene from good to best. These are the small tweaks that make the rendering truly powerful and convincing.